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    Underrated Movies You Must See

    Some movies naturally make it to our must watch list because of the star power involvement or incredibly strong production crew. Other movies however manage to slip by our radar. It isn’t because they weren’t worth watching, it’s merely because of the wrong time of release or wrong publicity. Either way, we tend to forget about these movies or don’t hear about them much. We have made a complete list for you to increase your watch list with these exceptionally amazing underrated Hollywood movies:

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    5 Reasons We Have To Have Art

    I often here people hating on art and saying how it doesn’t make sense or they simply don’t understand it. Maybe placing value on something we ourselves didn’t make or feel that things should be easily understood says a lot…

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    Do You Have A Male Or Female Brain

    Many people aren’t sure what side of the brains they actually use. There is a clear difference between the male and female brain says the director of Autism Research in Cambridge University, Baron-Cohen. He show that, male and female brains…

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    How To Start and Do Abstract Painting

    I bet you’ve looked abstract painting and wondered how you could get involved. Such painting may look easy to some but to others it may be difficult because abstract paining actually defies rules and conventions of normal painting. Here is…