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Do You Have A Male Or Female Brain

Many people aren’t sure what side of the brains they actually use. There is a clear difference between the male and female brain says the director of Autism Research in Cambridge University, Baron-Cohen. He show that, male and female brains on average are of a  slightly different character. Men show o be better at analyzing systems while women show to be better at reading emotions of others. This is apparently by biology and not necessarily culture.

Cell numbers: men have 4% more mind cells than ladies, and around 100 grams a greater amount of cerebrum tissue. Numerous ladies have asked me for what valid reason men require more cerebrum tissue with a specific end goal to complete similar things.

Cell associations: despite the fact that a man appears have more cerebrum cells, it is accounted for that ladies have more dendritic associations between brain cells.

Corpus collosum estimate: it is accounted for that a lady’s mind has a bigger corpus collusum, which implies ladies can exchange information between the right and left side of the brain quicker than men. Men have a tendency to be all the more left brained, while ladies have more noteworthy access to the two sides.

Dialect: for men, dialect is frequently just in the overwhelming side of the equator (more often than not the left side), yet a bigger number of ladies appear to have the capacity to utilize the two sides for dialect. This gives them a particular preferred advantage. On the off chance that a lady has a stroke in the left front side of the cerebrum, she may even now hold some dialect from the right side. Men who have a similar left sided harm are more averse to recoup as completely.


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